Wednesday, November 29, 2017

An exhibition of student work from ARCH 576-EXP: Experimental Envelopes is on display in the TBH West Gallery through December 9.

This graduate seminar, taught by Associate Professor Scott Murray, focuses on the theory, design, and analysis of building-envelope systems, with an emphasis on experimental approaches in the realms of energy performance, geometry, fabrication, and user experience.

In addition to learning fundamentals of building-envelope design and studying historical precedents, students complete a series of projects to envision and analyze new systems of enclosure that push the boundaries of current technology. Topics of study include envelope system typologies, fabrication techniques, and passive and active responses to climatic parameters and energy-code requirements.

In addition to a semester-long design/analysis project, each student also completes research on two recently constructed building envelope systems, documented with detailed wall sections drawn by the students. This Case Study project involves researching each building and architect, analyzing published drawings of the project, and interpreting available details to construct a technical wall section accurately representing the envelope system.