Friday, September 29, 2017

Currently on display through the weekend in the Temple Hoyne Buell Hall Blicharski Atrium are selected student projects from Arch 271 Graphics for Architects, taught by Andrea Melgarejo de Berry and David Emmons. This was a one-week model-making and spatial vocabulary exercise in which each student was tasked with creating a model to fit within an imaginary 10" x 10" x 10” box that portrays a spatial verb + one of the spatial organizations described in Francis Ching’s “Form, Space, and Order” (centralized, grid, radial, clustered, linear). The main task was to translate spatial language into 3-dimensional form and order, while also thinking meticulously about materiality and tectonics - each model exhibits at least 3 different materials and does not use glue. In the following two weeks, students will hand-draw orthographic projections (elevations) and axonometrics (plan oblique) of the models they created at 1:2 scale.