Monday, December 19, 2016

The Illinois School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the Earl Prize in Design (undergraduate) and the Graduate Awards for Design Excellence (graduate) for the Fall 2016 Semester. These awards recognize the outstanding student work completed in design studio courses at all levels of the curriculum.

Earl Prize in Design - Review Committee: P. Armstrong, C. Lewis, J. Stallmeyer

The Earl Prizes are funded with income from an endowment bequeathed by Edward C. Earl. Prizes and are awarded for excellence in undergraduate design studios. 



1st  Place               Emma Schmitt – Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

2nd  Place              Qingyuan Zhou – Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry

3rd  Place               Shuo Xu – Emmons, Melgarejo de Berry



1st  Place                Jinha Kim -­‐ Bartumeus

2nd  Place               Xinyi Chen -­‐ Poss

3rd  Place               Eric Fries – Momen Heravi

HM                         Jacob Sanders – Poss



1st  Place                Yujue Gu – Lerum

2nd  Place               John Russo – Loew

3rd  Place                Rebecca Palmer – Hinders


Graduate Studio Design Excellence Awards -­‐ Review Committee: S. Bartumeus, K. Hinders, J. Poss



1st  Place                Victor Orozco – Lewis

2nd  Place               Shiyu Hu – Lewis



1st  Place                Jacob Eble, Kiel Fahnstrom, Michael Sandrzyk – Armstrong

2nd  Place               Ryan Christiansen, Aarefa Palgharwala, Austin Zehr – Stallmeyer

3rd  Place               Andrew Nuding – Warfield

HM                         Shivayogi Murugesh Gajare, Lars Huehnken – Hammann

HM                          Ann Erskine, Vincent Lee – Tierney