Monday, November 14, 2016
Antonio Sanmartin & Elena Canovas 
Co-Founders, aSZ arquitectes
Lecture Title: "on dimensions, scales and times" 
5:00 p.m. - Reception, Edward F. Blicharski Atrium, Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
5:30 p.m. - Lecture, Lawrence J. Plym Auditorium, Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
Max Abramovitz Distinguished Lecture

aSZ arquitectes­_barcelona was founded in 1996 by Antonio Sanmartin and Elena Canovas after several years of joint professional and academic experiences. From the perspective of more than 15 years of partnership and collaboration with other teams, as Josep Lluis Mateo, Peter Einsenman John Hejduk, .we could define our path from several aspects.

Our architecture results from translations. A fiction - what goes from a translation to another- measures the time of a design process The chronicle of the proceeding from the present and backwards reaches possible foundations. Geometry chews and/or masticates the descriptions and transfers are held by sequences of projections.

A way to classify the architectural services we cook is through their extension in time. Some of them, keep us busy for over a decade, others a luster, a year, a month, a week, a day and some do not go beyond a conversation: the Badalona Central Library, the Santiago de Compostela Towers at the Cidade da Cultura with John Hejduk, the VidrĂ  public Housing, the Rianxo Auditorium, the GavĂ  sea front housing units, the Capuchinas Building for Huesca University, the Tramway system for Barcelona,… or any other of the hundred works, they all lasted different. Every one operates at diverse steps and speeds. Our time is made of diverse simultaneities.

The task that takes most of our energy and time is the transfer (sometimes an avatar), between wishes, aims and matter. Sustaining such purpose requires investing in knowledge and experts. There the mineral, static, still life character of the buildings we finish, contains an optimistic health given by the interchange ability of the materials and systems used to build them.

aSZ team brings an array of specific curricula for each of the projects, contests and research, which is based on the core of collaborators formed by its founders, members and their technicians and experts, both external and internal.

aSZ is collegiate at the Architectural Association Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC).

aSZ work has been exhibited in Europe, Zurich, Barcelona, Galicia and venice Biennale, among others.