Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Illinois School of Architecture is pleased to announce the winners of the Earl Prizes in Design (undergraduate) and the Graduate Awards for Design Excellence (graduate) for the Spring 2014 Semester. These awards recognize the outstanding student work completed in design studio courses at all levels of the curriculum.

Earl Prizes in Design
The Earl Prizes are funded with income from an endowment bequeathed by Edward C. Earl. Prizes are awarded for excellence in undergraduate design studios.

Review Committee: Vidar Lerum, Jeff Poss, Scott Murray


1st Place                Yu-Lun Hsu - Hamlin

2nd Place               Jason Buss - Hamlin

3rd Place               Andrew Smith - Hamlin

HM                         Chuqi Zhu - Hamlin


1st Place                Raoyang Yan - Emmons

2nd Place               Benjamin Feicht - Xu

3rd Place               Grace Soejanto - Engineer

HM                         Lian Ren - Emmons


1st Place                Christian Pepper - Greenlee

2nd Place               Catherine Lie - Vesely

                                Travis Norville – Vesely

3rd Place               #40 Brian Cruse – Greenlee

HM                         James Addison – Vesely

                                Chris Woodward - Vesely

HM                         Paige Davidson – Vesely

                                Dillon Johnson - Vesely

HM                         Brian Mathus – Hemingway

                                Kyung Tae Nam - Hemingway


Graduate Studio Design Excellence Awards

Review Committee: Camden Greenlee, Kevin Erickson, Sarah Bartumeus


1st Place                Ishan Grover - Armstrong

2nd Place               Ann Erskine - Armstrong


1st Place                Adam Garrett - Bognar

                              Sooho Park - Bognar

2nd Place               Raphael Jean Lescure - Malnar

3rd Place               Raphael Chavez – Tierney

                                Anthony Dombrowski - Tierney

HM                         Pavel Gomez – Murray

                                Martin Grym - Murray