Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Massimo Lepore
Partner/Senior Architect, tamassociati

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Lecture: 5:30 pm - Lawrence J. Plym Auditorium, Temple Buell Hall

Massimo Lepore (born 1960) is an italian architect, he lives and works in Venice and Bologna. Graduated from the IUAV University of Venice 1986. Project designer and consultant in planning strategies for
urban spaces; he is currently involved in developing practices and experiences for the re-use of public spaces. In addition, he works as a designer and communication expert in “design for all” projects and researches, connected to nonprofit organizations. Massimo Lepore is one of the co-founder of tamassociati, an office specialized in socially oriented projects, including critical area worldwide. Some of the current and completed projects include: the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery of Emergency ngo in Sudan , Banca Etica (Ethic Bank) Headquarter in Padua (Italy); healthcare buildings for Emergency ngo in Darfur, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Sierra Leon, Afghanistan, Uganda. He also designed many public spaces for different towns in Italy, mainly as results from national competition.

tamassociati office is based in Venice and works as associated to bring together professionals from a wide variety of different fields including architecture, urban planning, environmental studies and heritage conservation, graphic design and social communications. tamassociati is therefore experienced since years in projects for international cooperation, social housing, public spaces; a design practice socially oriented, conceiving architecture as a civil right supported by participatory processes and ethical guiding principles. tamassociati started its activity in the 1980’s, as founding member of “Utopica European Architects Network”, a cultural association publishing “Utopica Magazine”, an international periodical on contemporary architecture culture. As a professional office, tamassociati has operated since 1987 as an atelier for project design with its main studio seat in Venice. Adhering to the work philosophy of a networked team, the office has always maintained an open structure in order to develop the most ample collaboration schemes and participation methods in projects, both inside and beyond its own organization.