Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The small studio, an ongoing series of teaching and research projects that focus on detail and tectonics at the School of Architecture of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, received the 2012 Honor Award for Sustainable Design from the Central Illinois Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Studio Critic Professor Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA, received the award on behalf of his spring 2012 graduate architecture design studio and summer 2012 research team for their projects with the Sustainable Student Farm on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

Thus far, the small studio team has completed: 1) graphics and master plan concepts for the farm, 2) a pair of Portable Deployable Farm Stands to transport and display produce, and 3) the first phase of the Wash/Pack Pavilion, a multi-use structure for preparing produce for market, and as a location for the Fresh Press crop waste papermaking startup.

Project Credits:
small studio (Architecture 571) Spring 2012

Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA, Professor, School of Architecture

Becca Bierbower, Jordan Buckner, Meagan Calnon, Robert Deering, Zac Helmick, Chuck Huss, Danny Jeuk, Michael Johnson, Kwansoo Kim, Shafer Kirby,
Brad Mitzelfelt, Ethan Rattray,
Fadi Salem, Elyse Townley, Madina Sharipova, Xiaozhon Zou

small studio (Funded Research) Summer 2012:
Advisor: Professor Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA
Research Assistants: Daniel Jeuk, Jordan Buckner, Meagan Calnon, Ethan Rattray, Bill Bodel, Fadi Salem

Eric Benson, Associate Professor, School of Art and Design; Co Director, Fresh Press
Zachary Grant, Manager, Sustainable Student Farm
Marci Uhlein, PE, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

University Sponsors:
Office of the Chancellor
Sustainable Student Farm
Student Sustainable Committee
Fresh Press
School of Architecture
School of Art & Design

Corporate Sponsors:
AmeriLux International, LLC
Tire Barn, Inc