Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Earlier today Clinical Associate Professor Randy Deutsch was named a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. The announcement and induction of new members into the Design Futures Council's prestigious Senior Fellows program was made at DFC’s annual Leadership Summit on the Business of Design.
As a Senior Fellow, Randy joins a distinguished group of 200 leaders that includes seven Pritzker Prize winners and other notable figures including architect Peter Bohlin; Buckminster Fuller; Jonas Salk; Al Gore, Bruce Mau, Maya Lin, Clayton Christensen, Sir Norman Foster, as well as esteemed contemporaries, colleagues and peers.
To be inducted, candidates must: 1) have a consistent and successful career in built environment industry professions extending a minimum of 20 years; 2) achieve indisputable leadership in business, design, education, technology, and/or innovation that has raised the performance of the organizations these professionals have led; and 3) be recognized by peers at the Design Futures Council as bringing their whole selves to the DFC community, offering insights and opinions that count, sharing presentations that move the community and interpersonal conversations not lost upon the whole.
According to the announcement, "DFC grants senior fellowship to outstanding individuals who have provided noteworthy leadership to the advancement of design, design solutions, or design professions."