Monday, September 21, 2020

Clinical Associate Professor Randy Deutsch FAIA is part of a team that has received a $0.5M planning grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and $140,000 seed funding from the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) to plan the establishment of the National Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Construction, leading to the first-of-its-kind institute for the application of AI in design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure.

The team consists of faculty members across University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Carnegie Mellon University in the School of Architecture, CEE and CS/Machine Learning departments and addresses the application of AI on Design and Construction (‘construction’ as broadly defined including all steps in the building lifecycle from design to decommissioning.) The planning stage will include workshops with 40+ AE firms and start-ups to arrive at a collective vision for how AI can be leveraged in our industry to help establish the vision for a $10M AI institute of construction.

The goal is to identify key areas for the highest impact of AI in design, construction & operation of the built environment. The team will also actively engage in the development of AI methods & tools, as well as entrepreneurship education, to bring these solutions to the market. 

As part of the Architecture, Construction, and Infrastructure team, Randy’s scope of work on the project is to be in charge of generative design and AI ethics/governance. He will lead workshops with 40 AE firms and start-ups on how AI, automation, and autonomous design and construction will impact teams and firms, address generative design as it relates to AI in design and construction, and address ethics, inclusivity and biases as applied to AI in design and construction.

More information about this exciting undertaking can be found here