At the Illinois School of Architecture, we feel that featuring accomplished alumni will foster encouragement and incentive in our current and future students.

Would you like your work to be considered for featuring on our website? We would be eager to review and include it on our website as encouragement to our students.
For consideration, please review and prepare the submission guidelines below.

Required Submission:
1) Name and title of individual as it should be displayed
2) Name and location of the firm as it should be displayed
3) 80-120 word statement of how the Illinois School of Architecture has influenced / shaped / prepared them for their current role.
4) 4-6 images of work, minimum 300 dpi, cropped to a square shape
5) 200-300 word profile of the company / firm

Optional Submission:
6) Optional: Listing of top 5 key projects – name, location, date
7) Optional: A headshot image of the individual
8) Optional: 80-120 word statement addressing, if you hire / have hired an Illinois graduate, a) why you choose to hire Illinois graduates b) What about the graduates makes them a valuable hire.

All submissions or submission questions should be sent via email to Spring Harrison at: